Persil Eco Power Bars

100% Persil Waschkraft & 95% weniger Plastik

Product Details

The Persil Eco Power Bars are a powerful detergent that cleans your clothes down to the depths and gives them a long-lasting freshness. They offer you the proven quality of Persil in sustainable packaging that is 91% recyclable. In addition, the packaging contains 95% less plastic than the standard Persil liquid detergent bottle (with a similar number of wash loads). The Eco Power Bars are easy to handle and packed in a water-soluble film. The foil of the Eco Power Bars is completely made of water-soluble polymer, so it never becomes an environmentally harmful micro-plastic. The Persil Eco Power Bars can also be used in cold water. First place a Persil Eco Power Bar in the washing machine drum and then place your laundry on it. Have fun with this sustainable Persil cleaning performance!